Where to start wedding planning

Where to start wedding planning

The personal site is far from new in the field of wedding services, but it does not lose its relevance. Nowadays, the Internet is the fastest and easiest way to communicate and receive information, and when preparing for the main day, I want to optimize all processes as much as possible. This is helped by a personal website for online wedding planner, containing all the useful information about the celebration.

What to consider

There are few disadvantages to a free site: firstly, you will have to spend your time creating it, secondly, it will not be unique and special, and thirdly, there may not be any functions that you need.

The second option is to order a planner planning from professionals. In this case, you will be sure that no one else has such a site. Design and execution will be unique, and specialists will be able to add any services to the site according to your wishes. Yes, and you will not spend a minute on such a site, it will only remain to enjoy the result, creating a wedding planning checklist.

Where to start planning a wedding

Using planner planning, you can always keep track of all tasks, as well as use your site as a board with information. After offering your hand and heart, do the following:

  1. announce your engagement and celebrate a joyful event with your loved ones;

  2. Define the date of your wedding

  3. draw up an approximate wedding budget by entering all the data in the wedding planning app;

  4. select the format of the ceremony - exit signature or in the registry office;

  5. determine the number of guests: whether you will have a magnificent celebration with invited relatives and friends, or a small wedding for two and the closest;

Guest list and invitation

Having compiled a guest list, each group needs to make an official invitation that can be made to the best wedding planning reception. Just tell me when you meet or by phone. Hand over a beautiful invitation card, cardboard or electronic. You can also include:

  • highlights and nuances wedding planning ceremony;

  • video message;

  • your love story;

  • wedding venue.

The original solution will be the production of your own invitations or the creation of a wedding site. Such services are provided by holiday agencies or private specialists. If there are skills and time, then really do it yourself. In design, newlyweds often use photos taken on the pre-wedding lava of a story of a photo shoot. Always have a wedding planning checklist pdf for easy viewing of all nuances.